Stephanie Anderson lives and works in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, as an illustrator and painter. As a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, she has illustrated three books for children, “Weaving the Rainbow” by George Ella Lyon, “sleepy boy” by Polly Kanevsky, and “You and Me and Home Sweet Home” by George Ella Lyon, all published with Simon & Schuster. Both collaborations with Lyon have garnered awards for Anderson, the most recent being the 2010 Jane Addams Peace Honor for “You and Me and Home Sweet Home“. Her work has appeared in Orion Magazine, American Artist Watercolor Magazine, and Berkshire Magazine.

As a watercolor painter, Anderson has been fascinated by the still life. Over the years her work has ranged from minimal, softly defined compositions of a few objects to elaborate and crisp arrangements of vegetables, random props, and old photographs, all painted from life. Recently she has incorporated elements of collage, deconstructing her paintings and reassembling the pieces into new combinations with an x-acto knife, paint, glue, and hand marbled paper.

Anderson is currently working on a series of drawings on clayboard, paintings, and collages of imagined creatures in their respective environments. She continues to accept commissions for both private and corporate clients. Please contact us for more information.

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